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 The house

Our house in the small village of Puicheric was built in the 1850s. It was originally an "Ecole de filles", girls' school. 

Then the house became Puicheric's post office. You can still see signs on the facade after these eras. 

So in 2020 our dream came true and the house became ours. Buying a house in France is always a process and our house purchase took place during a difficult time when a pandemic spread  across the world. After many email conversations with the seller La Post, the broker, and the notary, we finally got the contract digitally. It would have to be translated and stamped by a Notary Public to be valid. We received the key in a registered letter days before we went down to the house.

Now we would like to share our dream with you and you can now book two of our beautiful rooms. Breakfast in our little garden is a wonderful start to the holiday.

Hotel Room with Pillows
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